Ocean County Commissioner Calls for Enhanced Customer Service at NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Offices

OCEAN COUNTY, NJ – Ocean County Commissioner Joseph H. Vicari is advocating for improved customer service at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) offices in the county. In a recent letter addressed to NJMVC Chair and Chief Administrator Latrecia Littles-Floyd, Vicari requested the implementation of more convenient hours and enhanced in-person services for Ocean County citizens.

Acknowledging the temporary adjustments made during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which aimed to ensure social distancing and limit the spread of the virus, Vicari expressed the belief that NJMVC services are vital to the county’s residents and businesses. With Ocean County being home to a large senior population of over 200,000 individuals, Vicari stressed the importance of accommodating their needs by providing accessible hours, including occasional evenings, at NJMVC offices.

Vicari underscored the challenges faced by seniors, many of whom prefer in-person assistance for tasks like registration and license renewals. He also highlighted the fact that not all residents have access to computers or the internet, making it difficult for them to utilize online services. Vicari emphasized the importance of addressing these issues to ensure that all residents receive equal access to essential NJMVC services.

In addition to extended office hours, Vicari strongly urged the NJMVC to increase the availability of their mobile unit throughout Ocean County. As the second-largest county in the state, Ocean County’s vast size and population necessitate a more frequent presence of the mobile unit to better serve residents.

Responding to Vicari’s letter, Chair Littles-Floyd acknowledged the preference of many seniors and residents for direct interaction over online platforms. She assured that the NJMVC’s call center has dedicated staff available to assist with scheduling appointments, emphasizing that individuals can contact them at 609-292-6500. Littles-Floyd also mentioned that all customers receive mailed renewal forms for licenses and registrations, providing an alternative to online transactions. This option is particularly convenient for seniors aged 65 and above.

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Highlighting a state law enacted in September 2020, Littles-Floyd pointed out that seniors can now renew their driver’s licenses indefinitely without having to visit an MVC agency. She further explained that the NJMVC’s legislative affairs team is in contact with Assembly and Senate staff members from all districts covering Ocean County, ensuring prompt assistance to residents with specific cases.

Littles-Floyd informed Vicari that the NJMVC has already scheduled 14 stops for their mobile unit in Ocean County, including popular towns like Jackson, Lakewood, and Toms River. She encouraged Vicari’s office and individual towns to request the mobile unit’s visit, noting that scheduling plans extend into the fall.

In a promising development, Littles-Floyd revealed that the Manahawkin MVC office will transition into a hybrid agency this summer. This change will enable the office to handle licensing transactions alongside their existing services, without any disruption to the current level of service provided.

Vicari’s request for enhanced customer service and improved accessibility at NJMVC offices in Ocean County will be given due consideration. The NJMVC aims to address the needs of residents effectively and ensure that they receive the necessary support and assistance for all their motor vehicle-related requirements.

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