Hungry for a more meaningful existence? Help change the world, and have fun doing it.

Business Week

Major publications like Business Week recognize the opportunities New Orleans offers.

The New Orleans Exchange

With $4.2 million in financing, Nic Perkin chose NOLA over NYC as the home for his newest venture.

Idea Village

Nurturing entrepreneurial innovation through talent and collaboration.


Moving back to New Orleans from New York to take advantage of big opportunities and low overhead.

Jeriko House

Doing for housing what the personal computer did for information technology.

Shackleton Ad

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness...


Discover the training ground for New Orleans’ creativity.

New York Times

A movement of social responsibility is catching on and the N.Y. Times has picked up on the phenomena.

Suzanne Perron

This rising fashion designer’s plans to return from NYC to NOLA were delayed but not destroyed.

Prospect. 1 New Orleans

Director of Visual Arts at Contemporary Arts Center is taking the local scene international.

Putumayo World Music

Helping people around the world discover the beat of New Orleans through fundraisers and programs.

Lifestyle Revolution Group

Mingle. Make contacts. Rock out.

Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson is helping Louisiana create the perfect scene for the entertainment industry.

Sean Cummings

His energy, ideas and philosophy are leading the way in rebuilding New Orleans.

Turbo Squid

Created a whole new dimension for buying and selling 3D models for gaming applications.

Bobby Jindal, Governor

Learn more about one of the country’s youngest, most energetic and promising state executives.

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Gives New Orleans a voice by showcasing unknown and emerging artists.

Louisiana Film

Has landed a leading role in the entertainment industry as one of the most sought-after filming locations in the country.


Young Professionals are helping build a solid foundation for the future of New Orleans.


Special package available for entrepreneurs looking to visit New Orleans.

Los Angeles Times

Reports that New Orleans, has an opportunity few cities get: to rebuild from the ground up.

FBI Special Agent Jim Bernazzani

Meet the FBI Special Agent who’s making corruption in New Orleans a thing of the past.

Make It Right

Actor Brad Pitt is helping rebuild homes in the 9th Ward, through a project using sustainability.

John Alford / NOLA 180

Revamping New Orleans Public School System with charter schools providing more accountability.


Rehage has become one of the most sought-after production companies in the industry.


Specializing in innovation and start-ups, made the Inc. 5000 for fastest growing private companies.


Feelgoodz are the most comfortable natural rubber flops you'll ever wear.

HRI Properties

Revitalizing cities by creating diverse, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Louisiana’s Cultural Economy

Louisiana is leveraging its cultural assets to help stimulate capital investment.


Providing a seamless way to connect artists with talent buyers in the mainstream media.

South Coast Solar

The premier provider of solar power systems in Louisiana providing comprehensive energy saving solutions for its clients.


Revolutionizing the world of direct mail gift cards, coupons and offers so that marketers stop wasting dollars and consumers hear about the deals they want.

Big Easy Blends

Big Easy Blends is the manufacturer of an all-natural beverage in a stand-up flexible pouch marketed under the name Cordina mar-GO-rita.