Dukky was founded in May of 2008 by Shawn Burst, a native of New Orleans. Shawn, a long-time innovator in the direct mail and printing industries recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the direct mail world with new online technologies. New Orleans was the place to start the revolution.

Dukky is launching a patented direct mail platform that allows marketers to increase redemption rates of their offers by increasing relevancy to consumers. The platform also provides marketers an online dashboard that tracks consumer response. Even better, Dukky’s solution is 96% cheaper than other direct mail channels.

On the consumer side, Dukky helps users decrease the amount of junk mail in their lives while connecting them with the coupons, deals, and gift cards that are relevant to them.

To join Dukky in its quest for 100% redemption, or to just find better coupons, click here. Dukky