Feelgoodz is a lifestyle brand that uses sales of eco-friendly flip-flops to support environmentalism, fair trade, and microfinance in Thailand. Having landed a home-run partnership with Ashoka.org, Feelgoodz is able to use a central platform with which to funnel its triple bottom line donations. Kiva.org, Onepercentfortheplanet.com, and transfairusa.org are all being supported through Feelgoodz flip-flops sales.

From a product perspective, Feelgoodz are the most comfortable natural rubber flops in the world. Made from 100% natural rubber tapped from the trees in Thailand, our brand is the most comfortable because it uses nearly 70% more rubber than any other brand on the market. Feelgoodz conform to the shape of your feet while staying breathable and springy. We use the highest quality natural rubber using High Rubber Compounding (HRC) manufacturing processes, and all of our products are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

The Feelgoodz brand is all about spreadin’ the feelgood. We aim to locate people, events, and organizations that are out there making a positive difference and partner with them in unique, creative ways. Our goal as a brand is for our flip-flops to be used as a symbolic pathway to steppin’ easy and feelin’ good as you live your life.

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