Trumpet is a recovering ad agency. Its work is called Connection Design. Connection Design involves interdisciplinary teams that connect business ideas with communities to build profitable/sustainable brands. With its partners, Trumpet's strategists, community experts and content developers use a variety of interactive tools to build a brand through engagement, advocacy, momentum and cultural influence.

Trumpet's strategists in marketing, technology, CRM and analytics help businesses articulate their authentic brand purpose. Cultural experts from anthropology and journalism mine insights. Connection Design focuses resources on the business/market opportunity. Its wide range of capabilities includes product design, environmental design, television and publishing properties, innovation planning, as well as extensive naming and package design experience. Trumpet's growth is partly attributable to its pioneering of outcome-based compensation including equity positions, revenue sharing, as well as the licensing of intellectual property.

Trumpet is the exclusive Louisiana representative of Worldwide Partners, an international network of communications firms and works fluidly with specialists around the world. The company is a thriving example of how the world-renowned creative culture of New Orleans is being leveraged in the communications, innovation, media and technology field.

“New Orleans is a world city of unmatched cultural depth, humanity and creativity. The new entrepreneurs understand how that inspires innovation with a huge social and economic upside.” Robbie Vitrano, Co-founder