Lifestyle Revolution Group

A firm believer in bringing progressive cultural and technological influences to New Orleans while maintaining the city's own distinct character and vibrancy, Robert LeBlanc has committed his career to working with the art, fashion, music, film and entertainment industries.

After Hurricane Katrina, LeBlanc decided to remain in New Orleans and created the Lifestyle Revolution Group, a company designed to assist the city in rebuilding by creating opportunities for residents to develop strong professional and social networks through entertainment. Shortly after, the group launched its first project, Republic New Orleans, an entertainment venue that has hosted a wide variety of events, including concerts, fashion shows and film screenings that draw large crowds of all ages and interests.

In June 2007, the company debuted its second project, the LePhare cocktail lounge in Loft 523. The bar pairs classic New Orleans drinks with contemporary, seasonal cocktails prepared with a healthy blend of fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets, a new twist on the city's traditional social style.

"The difference between the opportunity that exists in New Orleans and the opportunity that exists in other cities is that the story here hasn’t been told yet…You have the opportunity to write your own story."-Robert LeBlanc