Suzanne Perron

After spending 13 years under the tutelage of top fashion designers, including Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera, Suzanne Perron knew she was ready to launch her own line of bridal gowns. She decided her hometown of New Orleans--the city of oversized weddings, Carnival galas and debutante balls--would be the perfect place to launch it.

Hurricane Katrina’s devastation only intensified Suzanne’s desire to move home and make a difference in the city she loves.

In the Spring of 2006, she established a custom bridal business in New Orleans. Perron admits that in the fashion world, New Orleans is not known for being cutting-edge or fashion forward; however, it is known for extravagant balls, weddings, and parties. So it made perfect sense to make beautiful romantic wedding gowns in a beautiful historic city.

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