Jeriko House

Jeriko House is a Louisiana-based company providing the finest in pre-fabricated modular-component housing. Utilizing the most innovative system in the home building industry, Jeriko is able to deliver homes with great functionality, performance and versatility, all combined with cutting edge design.

The heart behind Jeriko House is Shawn Burst, a successful Louisiana businessman whose vision for a better way to build and a better way to live created and guides Jeriko House. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the focus on new concepts for housing has never been greater.

Jeriko House regards their building system as a platform, akin to the platforms of computers, which allows them to collaborate with suppliers, designers and builders in radical new ways. Through these new ways, they’re able to provide opportunities for homebuyers to customize a home, as well as give those in the home building and products industries a greater chance to innovate.

Jeriko dedicates itself to being environmentally and socially responsible by incorporating the best and latest in sustainable technology, while establishing high standards for work safety and home healthfulness.

"I've found that keeping your eye on what's possible is the key to finding solutions and making them available when they’re needed most." – Shawn Burst, Jeriko House Founder and CEO